website management services

Instead of spending whole days trying to be the business manager and site editor, we offer an immediate and practical solution for businesses that will save you time and thousands of shekels!

Get fully customized site management and maintenance services.

Why do I need any website management services?

Because in an age when search engines rank sites according to the quality of the content and the frequency of updates on the site – you can not afford to miss.

Anyone who does not keep his site “fresh and fresh” will find that he is pushed back in the search results and receives fewer calls from potential customers.
Because hiring a full-time employee to do the same job will simply cost you a lot more money.

Outsourcing services enable you to get a focused and efficient result, without sick leave, without pay slips and without mess.

Because if you try to manage the business and also be an editor, writer, designer and programmer – you will find that you have no time left even for … Coffee.

And you probably will not have time to run the business.
So many headaches – one solution
All this can be solved with targeted and effective site management and maintenance services.

What do we do?

Improved loading times and optimization:

Google likes fast sites and should be very fast. A slow site will not be able to advance in search results, and surfers will be quick to abandon it.

Professional website management allows you to improve your load times and promote your site on search engines.

Creating new and fresh content:

In order to maintain and improve search engine positioning, as well as providing up-to-date and reliable information to customers, updating of the site is required, including update of business information, new projects, photos, professional articles and more.

Users expect to find updated and correct information (such as address and phone number, prices, specifications, etc.), and it is easy to lose customers due to incorrect or outdated information.
In addition, a site whose content is not updated will drop in search results.

Upgrades and improvements:

If it’s an open source system like WordPress, it’s very important to upgrade your system and plug-ins to keep your site up to date, fast and secure.

Backups and malfunctions:

Quality maintenance will enable you to avoid most of the malfunctions and to receive quick and efficient treatment in the event of a malfunction.

When your site is maintained by professionals, they know its code well, and know how to detect and handle the problem as quickly as possible – while using other factors (such as hosting service) if necessary.

In addition, there will be someone who will make regular backups of the site in order to restore the site in case of hacking or deletion.

Managing ongoing site:

tracking statistics and traffic, making changes to the site and content accordingly.

Handling broken error pages and links, and performing technical actions on the server side to improve the site.

These steps will help your site move forward in search results and increase the number of your customers.

E-mail marketing:

Want to give your customers added value, upgrade your business image and even bring you a few leads from time to time?

We will manage and send you a digital, marketing and interesting magazine to keep your target audience hungry

Who is the service intended for?

Our website management services are intended for those who do not employ a professional whose job is to manage and update the site in a qualitative and permanent manner.

We provide our services to business owners who wish to update the site from time to time in promotions, specify new prices and add content of any kind – texts, pictures, videos and more.

In addition, we regularly update and update our online sales sites and provide an excellent solution for our customers, surfers and search engines.

What if I need updates relatively frequently?
no problem. Contact us and we will provide you with a service package that will meet your needs and your business.

You can set certain days for updates, or we’ll just keep you in touch to make sure you need updates on your site.

Will I be involved in managing the site?
of course. website management services do not mean that we become your site owners.

The more involved you are, the more information and materials you need – the more efficient and faster you will get.

How much does it cost me to manage a website?
Cost is determined according to the needs and frequency of updating the site.

We would be happy to talk with you and give you a quotation for website management services.

website management services
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