Once every formality has been fulfilled, the developers start performing their duties. Every developer will be assigned to an Account Manager who will track their performance and send out invoices under the contract. Statista forecasted that the IT outsourcing outstaffing companies revenue would hit US$395.00 billion in 2022. The report highlighted the attractiveness of software outsourcing and outstaffing models. Both provide businesses the flexibility to access a vast talent pool and fill missing skill gaps in their team.

But as a niche direction of the outsourcing service, outstaffing or employee outsourcing service is widely used throughout the world. Fewer efforts from your HR department – no need to search for the candidate and pay extra money to your recruiters. It only takes a few days to select a team for outstaffing, while finding a candidate for your team requires numerous interviews and more than a few weeks.

outstaffing benefits

It is necessary that product development and quality testing be carried out simultaneously at each stage of production, from the beginning to the end. Use key performance indicators such as project completion rate, quality of work, and client satisfaction to track performance. Define the roles and responsibilities, provide regular feedback, and ensure the project’s goals are aligned. IT outstaffing can provide a time zone advantage, allowing for work to be done around the clock, leading to faster project delivery. Staffing involves shared responsibility between the client and outstaffing companies, promoting collaboration and teamwork.

Augment your team with top 5% developers

Outstaffing gives you the ability to have flexible control over the number of hired employees in your teams. You can increase or decrease the number of tailored contractors whenever needed, depending on the current projects. The client won’t have to take part in the hiring process and waste time on interviews to find the relevant specialists. The agency has already done that and vouches for a high level of contractors’ expertise. For example, if a bakery wants to make a website, its owners definitely won’t hire an in-house team of developers to do that.

If you have to hire a developer until the project’s end, you can get him or her as well. It means that you’ll be fully entrusting the project’s success to a third-party service provider from A to Z. They’ll take care of every stage of the development process, including a team structure, tech stack, frameworks, workflow, etc.

With outstaffing, there are no communication barriers between you and your team. This increased transparency leads to greater efficiency and fewer delays caused by miscommunication. In order to maintain a high level of quality, it is important to have IT staff that is highly skilled and knowledgeable in their field. When outsourcing IT work, you can be confident that you are working with experts who are up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies. With outsourcing, you can avoid the hassle of recruiting and training new employees by working with an established company that already has a team of qualified IT professionals. In addition, they can also benefit from economies of scale, as IT providers often have lower overhead costs than in-house departments.

Clutch allows clients to leave comprehensive reviews and experiences of outstaffing providers. Compare them and choose those that provide consistently good services. Outstaffing and outsourcing work on a different hiring model and meet different business needs. In this article, I’ll share what is outstaffing, how it works, its pros and cons, and what inspires businesses to outsource vs. outstaff.

However, you will have more control over your team and their work product. Outstaffing, on the other hand, generally costs less per hour, but you may sacrifice some quality control. When it comes to IT work, many companies find themselves torn between hiring in-house employees and outstaffing. Both options have their own benefits and drawbacks, but one of the most important considerations is cost.

Company reputation

Review the agency’s portfolio and services, evaluate the amount and quality of the performed job, and form an opinion about Cost. Typically, European outstaffing agencies are cheaper than those located in the US. Ukraine is considered to be one of the best money-saving directions for hiring external contractors. A company with a portfolio of cases should also enlist at least a couple of reviews on its website. It allows establishing more trusted relationships with potential clients. One advantage of outstaffing over in-house development is having access to a broader pool of highly skilled specialists.

outstaffing benefits

Although an outstaffing IT model is comparable to outsourcing, engaging talent through outstaffing has different characteristics. In most cases, you will only interact with a project manager from the outsourcing team, whom you’ll provide your deadlines, updates, and requests. Your company and process participants understand and accept the peculiarities of building relationships with outstaffed employees. For its permanent staff, the company often offers various rewards and bonuses. Freelance workers often need more motivation, and better working environement, which leads to burnout.

Pros and cons of outsourcing

What can be a bigger blessing than having the ability to upscale or downscale your team. Outstaffing your IT team to No Name allows you the ultimate flexibility and scalability. If you have got a new project with a deadline and don’t want to over-expand your local team as hire-and-fire is not an easy job.

Spend some time detecting your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for growth, and threats to your company to have a complete picture of your business. Since average software developers’ salaries in the USA are among the highest in the world, you’ll need to focus on other strengths apart from the low cost of your services. Moreover, if you are on a “pay per hour” contract, you will get a precise report on how much time each task is taking, and you can also request the staff to work on more specialised tasks. Outstaffing is a popular concept of getting work done by independent IT specialists without enrolling them as an employee in your company. To be clear about this concept, you must know that outstaffing and outsourcing are two entirely distinctive concepts.

outstaffing benefits

MagicFuse is a product development and consulting company, focused on the technical side of Salesforce. IT recruitment agency connecting best tech talents with businesses around the world. Building your team of highly qualified developers based in Ukraine is simple when dealing with a committed and competent IT outstaffing agency such as TechMagic. A wonderful paradigm of collaboration for agility is team extension.

Communication barriers

The main reason why the market of IT services turned towards outstaffing is the huge difference in prices set by outsourcing and outstaffing companies. By switching to the staff augmentation model, customers can save up to 90% of their budget on software development. Have a look at the three main models for delegating IT services to clearly understand the difference between them. Another benefit ofIT outstaffing servicesis that your projects and work is handed over to the hired development team, which means that the work will be done by the partner company employees. However, the control over the development projects remains with you. With the outstaffing approach, the client has full control over management.

  • Remote staffing does not require organizations to invest in expensive on-premises IT infrastructure, office facilities, administration, and HR, etc.
  • These meetings let team members feel involved and discuss various project-related issues and challenges.
  • Our company takes on all the responsibilities of personnel search and service, freeing your attention to the essence of business processes and development.
  • Help them fit into the organization and manage them as you did with your in-house developers.
  • As a result, your business can become more efficient and productive overall.
  • The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes.

It can help to reduce operating costs, increase flexibility, and improve quality control. In addition, outstaffing can provide access to a larger pool of talent and allow businesses to tap into global markets. Through outstaffing, they may fast add talented programmers to their team. Of course, what is best for you depends on your specific needs and the conditions in which you find yourself. But it is also essential to avoid making mistakes when choosing a partner. Next, hold an in-person interview with the outstaffing team, preferably with a technical manager.

We provide IT Outstaffing Services

Many businesses prefer to outsource or outstaff their projects rather than build an in-house team. In that case, the company will most likely want to hire locals to coordinate their services without incurring additional office costs. Less commitment – it’s better not to rush with building in-house departments if you plan risky undertakings.

Why is outtaffing better than direct hiring?

Uptech is a reputable international app development company that provides outstaffing services. We partner with startups worldwide to build apps that users love. Access to a team with resources, knowledge, skills, experience, and required equipment. The resources you have to complete the project can be used wisely by collaborating with a third-party company from an affordable location. Check out the article to learn more outstaffing model about each of these models, and figure out which one to choose. The article is dedicated to explaining all the details related to both mentioned IT models.

The transition period for outstaffing companies – things to consider

When you’re hiring an outsourcing agency, you can sleep easy and be sure that there won’t be any miscommunications amongst the team of executors. Commonly, they’ve previous experience in joint work, and you don’t have to put your dream team together from the scratch. Outsourcing and outstaffing shall become your rescue in case of an emergency project. Outside specialists are typically instantly ready to dive into work and significantly shorten the search time. BramblingTech comprises designers, IT specialists, marketing specialists, and content managers.

Client view

Conversely, outsourcing will cost more because the vendor is responsible for managing day-to-day operations and charges that in the fee. Still, software development outsourcing is the wiser choice if you have tight deadlines to meet. Now when you know the difference, let’s talk how to apply this difference to your business. Whether you need an IT outsourcing agency or it’s better to go with an outstaffing company fully depends on your needs. Both outsourcing and outstaffing focus on your scaling needs, helping you free up your core team from additional tasks and add more hands. So, when your squad is inundated with tasks, it’s a good idea to go with one of these approaches.

What is outstaffing? Goals, work model, advantages and disadvantages
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